Organic Gardening and Weed Control

organic gardenOnce you have established your organic garden there are several things you can do to properly care for and maintain it. Making sure all the hard work you initially put into an organic garden is beneficial is very important. A problem no gardener is immune to is weeds. Weeds can compete with garden plants for water, nutrients, sunlight, and growing space. Weeds also provide great hiding places for pests and disease so it is very important to eliminate them from your space. It is easy to find pest control chandler az companies.

To keep your garden organic, you want to avoid chemical methods of killing weeds. Keeping control of weeds is easier if you remove them while they are still young and do not have large roots that plant deeply into the soil. Start off by hand weeding your garden, you can do this with a hand weeding tool or even a hoe. Removing weeds before they seed is also important, it really defeats the purpose when you’re digging out those dandelion fluff balls because they’re just seeding themselves as you do it. After hand weeding, it is advisable to place a layer of mulch, grass clippings, or hay over the whole garden bed around your existing plants.

This will prevent light from getting to the weeds and also has the added benefit of providing organic matter for organisms in the soil to feed on. Another barrier method that is done prior to placing your mulch would be to place newspaper on the ground around your plants, this will prevent light from getting to the weeds and prevent them from thriving. By using a drip irrigation or soaker hose to only water the plants you want, weeds will have a harder time growing in the dry soil.

gardeningHowever, you can ‘water’ your weeds to get rid of them as well, just be sure that the water is boiling and that you do not spill it onto the plants you want to grow. You can use boiling water left over from pasta or potatoes and just a splash of the scalding water will cause even some of the toughest weeds to shrivel up within a couple of days. For weeds that have long taproots like dandelions, dock, and plantain you can soak them with vinegar and they will no longer be a nuisance within a few days. During early spring time, you can start weed prevention by sprinkling garden pathways with salt as well.